2021-2022 Executive Board Nominations Announced

The nominating committee met on September 18th, 2020 to consider all eligible candidates for the 2021-2022 term of office.  On January 7th, 2021, on behalf of the nominating committee, the following slate of officers was presented for consideration by the association:

President: Karissa Adams
Executive Vice President: Sara Shaffer
1st VP, Programs: Shang Hur
2nd VP, Membership: Kirsten Kawai
3rd VP, Leadership: Kathy Baumann
Recording Secretary: Patricia Urzua
Corresponding Secretary*: Lisa Rosenberg
Treasurer: Gina Loyonnet
Auditor: Jackie Tolj
Historian: Angelique Singh
Parliamentarian*: Saida Staudemaier

*subject to appointment

PTA Recognizes Volunteers

Dear South Pasadena families,

South Pasadena Council PTA’s Honorary Service Awards (HSA) were scheduled to take place a couple weeks ago, however as we are all social distancing for our own safety and for the safety of our community the event was cancelled.  The event is usually an inspiring celebration of volunteers in our school district who make extraordinary contributions to our amazing school sites and to the community at large.  The Council Executive Board voted to donate the budgeted amount directly to high school scholarships since no event can be held this year.

Although the event was cancelled this year, there are many in our community deserving recognition for their service during these unprecedented times, both volunteers and district employees. In these challenging times, Council PTA wants to thank our School Board, SPUSD leadership and other district employees for transitioning all of our instruction to remote learning, making sure the technology was available to families, and ensuring our students continued to get the nutritional support needed.  We also want to thank our teachers, office, and custodial staff for adapting so quickly as our new reality emerged.  Finally, we want to thank each of the PTA/PTSA units within our district.  Each unit continued to celebrate teachers and staff during staff appreciation week, move forward with important PTA/PTSA business like elections and preparing budgets, recognize their amazing volunteers, and found creative and meaningful ways to support the promoting and graduating classes.  Congratulations to our 5th, 8th, and, especially, our graduating seniors!

As this year draws to an end, I want to thank you for supporting your school’s PTA/PTSA through membership, fundraising, and volunteerism. We don’t know what next year will look like, but we truly hope that we can celebrate our district heroes together!  We hope that you and your families stay well!


Kathleen Baumann, President and Judy Woo, Executive Vice President

South Pasadena schools recognized the following community volunteers:

At Arroyo Vista, Monterey Hills, SPHS and SPMS:

Distinguished Service Award:

  1. Kathleen Michel – SPHS

Continuing Service Awards:

  1. Albert Kwong – MHS
  2. Tammy Selden – MHS

Honorary School Service Award:

  1. Linda Yuen – SPHS
  2. Rebecca Haider – SPHS
  3. Christina Holmes – SPHS
  4. Laura Morales – SPHS
  5. Tisa Pow – SPHS
  6. Kim Carlson – SPMS
  7. Ittai Shadmon – SPMS
  8. Lisa Henderson – SPMS
  9. Emily Cline – SPMS
  10. Gitanjali Mohindra – MHS
  11. Chris Zafra – MHS
  12. William Wong -MHS
  13. Cheryl Busick – AV
  14. Brian Mahler – AV

Certificate of Appreciation:

  1. Madeleine Yoon – SPHS
  2. Maureen Whitman – MHS
  3. Michele Masjedi – MHS
  4. Cecilia Adame Alva – MHS
  5. Rebecca How – MHS
  6. Harry How – MHS
  7. Maja Mataric – MHS
  8. Richard Roberts –  MHS
  9. Christian Schrader – MHS
  10. Glenna Shih – AV
  11. Agnes Kretz – AV
  12. Jayme Mazzochi – AV
  13. Demarias Riley – AV
  14. Laura Ishibashi – AV
  15. Chad Bryant – AV
  16. Nicolas Hua – AV

At Marengo:

5th Grade Promotion Committee:

  1. Alyssa Messina
  2. Kristen Swift
  3. Michelle Matsuda
  4. Tegan Jones
  5. Heather Bland
  6. Carrie Nakamura

Special (school-wide) Events: 

  1. Linda Liu and the Lunar New Year Team
  2. Kaitlyn Rose Zee

“Retiring” Safety Valet:

  1. Anna Ramirez
  2. Bob Simpson
  3. Misha Subskian

Retiring Teachers/Staff:

  1. Lisa Robinson
  2. Carla Obert
  3. Mr. Terry

SPMS – Mr. Brown Scholarship Award to SPHS Scholarship Fund

Thank you all for your time and dedication!

New Board Nominations

The nominating committee met on December 19th, 2019 to consider all eligible candidates for the 2020-2021 term of office.  On January 8th, 2020, on behalf of the nominating committee, the following slate of officers was presented for consideration by the association:

President: Kathleen Baumann
Executive Vice President: Judy Woo
1st VP, Programs: Heather Bland
2nd VP, Membership: TBD
3rd VP, Leadership: Cheryl Busick
Recording Secretary: Erica Goodrich
Corresponding Secretary: Megan Gardner
Treasurer: Grace Kung
Auditor: Tricia Yamagata
Historian: Angelique Singh
Parliamentarian: Sara Shaffer